Top 5 Biometric Security Approaches to Guard New Year’s Eve Festivities

Biometric Security

New year’s eve is soon to unfold with a variety of events, an increase in sales, massive public gatherings, and days-long festivals. However, these celebrations will be coming with more security due to the terrorist attacks in Paris, Calif, and New York over the years. Significant events require more surveillance, and coping with emerging criminal threats has become challenging for organizers. 

Industries are adopting automated IDV services which enhance surveillance and upgrade events’ monitoring. In 2022, the biometric security solutions market was at $32.48 billion. Its solutions such as facial verification, liveness detection, and easy individual tracking ensure safe new year’s eve celebrations. This article explains why different sectors need to integrate biometric recognition to ensure secure events.

Biometric ID Verification – Improving New Year’s Eve Security and Surveillance 

During new year’s eve, industries from travel to e-commerce experience a spike both in terms of customer count and revenue. With digitization transforming global sectors for a couple of years, customers are also demanding more convenience. They are more likely to prefer digital onboarding rather than physically purchasing event passes and travel tickets. Similarly, buyers are looking forward to online shopping and digital payments during new year’s eve sales.  

The use of technology that drives more customer retention is also exposing industries to severe criminal consequences. Fraudsters impersonate legit customers to onboard online platforms and exploit industries. Moreover, creating synthetic identities helps them steer clear of the IDV process and perform terrorist activities. Hence, industries require more efficient biometric screening solutions to deter fraud risks. 

By integrating AI-powered biometric recognition, not just the travel industry but event organizers can also enhance their surveillance. Furthermore, facial verification offers real-time customer tracking and liveness detection ensures presence when making a purchase. The next section discusses the potencies of establishing biometric security systems amid new year’s eve celebrations. 

Touchless Ticketing 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, industries using paper passes shifted to digital tickets with an incorporated QR code. This step aid in improving the touchless entrance to private events and other massive public gatherings. Moreover, fraudsters can easily create paper passes by using sophisticated forgery techniques. In turn, organizers face a high threat of criminal activities. 

Enterprises are providing digital payments for online shopping, booking tickets, and buying passes. In order to ensure the actual cardholder is making a transaction, they need to integrate biometric recognition solutions. These AI-powered IDV tools provide facial verification for secure digital onboarding. Furhtmeroe, biometric screening services efficiently authenticate online payments and restrict fraudulent transactions.

Reduces Crowding 

Upon their arrival at the event, participants form long queues for showing their passes to avail entrance. This, however, can lead to massive crowding, fights, inefficient individual identification, and worst of all failure in detecting fraudsters. As new year’s eve comes with a variety of celebrations, concerts, and other events, enhancing security is the organizers’ topmost priority. 

Event organizers automate audience identification by integrating biometric security services. By establishing self-driven kiosks coordinators can limit massive crowding and criminal activity threats. Furhtmeroe, biometric user authentication verifies individuals by scanning their faces and digital passes. Hence, event organizers can ensure more safety during new year’s eve celebrations. 

Enhances Surveillance and Security

Improving surveillance is a priority concern, especially in the travel sector. Before the start of new year’s eve and even during it, airlines and other transporters face a massive surge in passengers. While the workflow increases, it becomes challenging for the travel sector to efficiently verify individuals. Therefore, criminals use this scenario as their ticket to escape identification. 

AI-powered biometric recognition verifies passengers’ prior to their appearance at airports, bus stands, or train stations. Facial authentication-driven kiosks further eliminate the need for manual identification. 

Ensure Data Privacy

Cybersecurity threats are another concern of industries as collecting information online increases the risk of data breaches. Customers are more concerned regarding the security of their confidential details despite the event. Therefore, digital industries such as e-commerce require biometric identity verification to enhance customer privacy.

Provides Competitive Edge

Businesses with biometric security measures are sure to retain more customers and generate high revenues during new year’s eve celebrations. AI-powered IDV tools automate onboarding and identification which enables industries to tailor their services to customer demands. Moreover, biometric ID verification enhances customer experience.

In The End

New year’s eve is all about joy, celebrations, crowding, and week-long festivities. Individuals from around the globe participate in big events and travel across regions to become a part of private/public gatherings. In order to enhance security during the new year’s eve celebration, industries integrate biometric screening. AI-powered IDV solutions pace up customer verification by limiting hassle for both businesses and individuals. Hence, biometric recognition services efficiently safeguard new year’s eve.